Dildos: What size do you prefer for all holes?

When it comes to finding a suitable sex toy, women consider plenty of factors. What does it do, how does it look, will it get me where I need to go, etc., are just some of the questions they ask themselves.

However, perhaps the most crucial question is that of size. Now, we know that most women have been telling men for ages that size really doesn’t matter. And, although they weren’t exactly lying, they weren’t that truthful either. 

When it comes to the size of a toy, women, love big dildos. At least that’s what the majority of them say. Huge dildos and thick dildos are among bestsellers, along with realistic dildos that resemble monster dongs. But why is that? Do women simply love being stuffed? If so, are huge butt plugs also among fan-favorites? 

More importantly, does womens’ love of large dildos mean that men of average size (or smaller) don’t stand a chance?

Worry not! Things aren’t that bleak! However, giant dildos do have a steady fan base among women. The size and shape of the dildo are really what determines whether it will find its way into a woman’s shopping cart. Let’s see why!

Go big or go home

Reminiscent of the famous singing scene from The Sweetest Thing, where Cameron Diaz, Selma Blair, and Christina Applegate sing about how ALL men are “too big to fit in there,” in order to comfort them about their size, most women love big dicks but are prepared to settle for less. 

An honest answer of many women to the question “Does size matter?would be yes. Big dicks are more attractive, more fulfilling, and ultimately, more satisfying. 

Did you know that the average penis size is around 5.2 inches? Not exactly a king cock, right? So, really, anything women buy that’s over 6 inches is a monster dildo. That can be an intimidating thought for many men (if not most). Competing with a silicone dildo is a losing game, and not only when it comes to size.

But why do women go for big dildos? Aren’t vibrating dildos better, function-wise?

For some women, sure, they are. However, others just like to feel full and stuffed. That’s why bigger-sized dildos are a must. What’s more, women also find big penises more attractive than those that aren’t as impressive size-wise. You’ll never hear a woman call a penis pretty or enticing — unless it’s huge. 

However, large penises aren’t exactly a common commodity. It’s quite challenging to find a partner that has the perfect (above average) size and shape. That’s precisely why women turn to dildos. There’s more control to the entire “picking” process because, at the end of the day, the woman is the one who picks the overall length, thickness, insertable length, etc. 

Why do women want it big?

Some women prefer dildos that are bigger than their partner’s penises for apparent reasons. For example, 12 inches isn’t something you can easily find in real life, right? So, it’s not that women like big dildos because their partners aren’t big enough — it’s just that some women want things that nature can’t deliver.

If their partner isn’t fulfilling all their sexual needs, there’s nothing wrong with getting a bit of help. And while they’re at it, why not get something that’s as big as they need it to be? 

However, big dildos aren’t just more popular because women want 9 inches of dick inside themselves. In fact, a 9-inch dildo doesn’t have 9 inches of insertable length. Furthermore, some women like getting longer dildos because that gives them more length for maneuvering. A lot, if not most of the dildo’s size, actually works as a handle. If women get smaller dildos, they often have to choose between using a portion of their length to insert and using it as a handle. That’s why long dildos are such a hit.

Why do some women prefer big dildos over the real thing?

Each woman will give a different answer to this question. However, we can boil down most answers to a few things. As mentioned, a dildo has to be longer than an average penis or even the woman’s partner’s penis because there has to be enough dildo for the insertable length and handle length.

Aside from that, women also prefer big dildos over the real thing because:

  • They get to pick the size that works for them.
  • They can fulfill their size fantasies at their own pace.
  • Dildos can go for as long as the woman needs (there’s really no chance of them getting overly excited and shooting their shot prematurely).
  • They don’t come with a man attached, unlike penises. 
  • Dildos can’t get you pregnant (or give you an STI).
  • With a dildo, women have complete control over what’s happening. They can manipulate the dildo in any way they see fit, insert as much (or as little) as they want, set us a rhythm that works for them, etc.
  • Dildos, unlike men, are travel-friendly. You can bring one anywhere you want without actually having to bring a travel companion along the way.

So, does size really matter?

Here’s the thing — the tools we use to masturbate with don’t necessarily reflect what we’re looking for in real life. Rarely does a woman list a huge penis as a vital feature she looks for in a partner. Even if she’s only looking for a sexual partner, penis size won’t come up at the top of the list of requirements.

So, while not all women might agree, most of them will gladly say that size doesn’t matter as much as the technique or overall performance. A bigger penis doesn’t always mean a better time, nor does it imply that a man is a beast in bed. 

In fact, many women will be happy to report just how big of a disappointment some big penises were. What’s more, most women consider all physical features (penis size included) as a bonus rather than a determining factor.

As with anything else in life, size is a matter of preference. Still, Lovegasm will care if what works for you is longer than your partner’s penis. They always want to serve you only the most beneficial sex toys for your masturbation. After all, everyone always wanted to give themselves satisfaction like no other.