What Not To Put In The Honeymoon Suite

Every year, people get married. And when they do, they often book a hotel room.

If you have a honeymoon suite in your hotel, you want it to be a welcoming and inviting environment. You want the couple to enjoy their stay.

If you keep it simple and are sensitive to the situation, you shouldn’t make any mistakes. A few extras, like food and beverages in a gift basket or mini fridge, a complimentary couple’s massage, or a note acknowledging their marriage, can go a long way. But this is something hotels can get wrong.

Here are some mistakes to avoid, and things not to put in the honeymoon suite.

Questionable Food Or Beverage
It has often been said that the best-laid plans tend to go awry around weddings, but the last thing the couple needs is to get sick during their stay – especially on the day of their wedding.

As we pointed out earlier, providing extra food and beverage to the bride and groom can be a value-add, and will help them stay hydrated and nourished while they’re busy tending to various details of their special day.

But if possible, find out if they have any allergies, and avoid giving them “extras” that may be past their expiration date. Also, let the couple know if there are any concerns with local foods or water.

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Another Guest
It’s safe to say your honeymoon suite is going to be in use year-round, and not just by newlyweds. But double-booking when you’re expecting a couple to arrive is a good way to start a downward spiral for them.

It seems like common sense, but there are many honeymoon horror stories in which there were issues with the hotel, whether it was not honoring a prepaid hotel voucher or not being able to stay more than one night when the couple required more time.

Booking mistakes can happen, but do what you can to ensure that nothing goes wrong with your honeymoon suite.

A Note Acknowledging The Wrong Couple
This shouldn’t happen if you’re keeping track of your guests. While some couples might laugh it off or make a joke of it, others will be annoyed or offended that their special card has the wrong names on it.

It would be better not to leave a note in the room at all if it isn’t addressed to the right couple. Names are easier to misspell than you might think, so double check.

Other Mistakes To Avoid
Your hotel likely has policies and procedures in place to ensure that your rooms are up to certain standards. But just in case, avoid:

Not cleaning the room beforehand. A clean room may not be acknowledged, but is always appreciated, and certainly better than the alternative.
Organizing the guest’s belongings when you weren’t asked to. Your guests may become frustrated if they can’t locate their tuxes, wedding gowns, toiletries, makeup, and other key items.
Going overboard. A few rose petals on the bed? Romantic. Flowers, balloons, and streamers everywhere? Chaos.

Again, this all depends on your hotel and the policies you follow to ensure a consistent experience. But it’s good to pay attention to the basics even when you’re serving couples.

Final Thoughts
Putting in a bit of extra effort to attract newly wedded couples to your hotel can be very profitable for your business. Becoming a go-to destination can attract a steady stream of customers looking for the same extraordinary experience.

Returning to an earlier point, keeping things simple is the best strategy. Trying to go overboard when you don’t even have the resources to do so could cause more stress than need be, may not be appreciated, and could even become a point of contention.