What Not To Put In The Honeymoon Suite

Every year, people get married. And when they do, they often book a hotel room.

If you have a honeymoon suite in your hotel, you want it to be a welcoming and inviting environment. You want the couple to enjoy their stay.

If you keep it simple and are sensitive to the situation, you shouldn’t make any mistakes. A few extras, like food and beverages in a gift basket or mini fridge, a complimentary couple’s massage, or a note acknowledging their marriage, can go a long way. But this is something hotels can get wrong.

Here are some mistakes to avoid, and things not to put in the honeymoon suite.

Questionable Food Or Beverage
It has often been said that the best-laid plans tend to go awry around weddings, but the last thing the couple needs is to get sick during their stay – especially on the day of …