Why Men Should Not Be Afraid Of Using Sex Toys?

Women masturbating and using sex toys have been depicted in Sex and the City, which had caused huge cultural shockwaves in the 1990s. It was a huge leap in breaking down taboos about self-love and female sexuality.

But right on the opposite side in the case of men, they feel ashamed about masturbation and sex toys as told by writer Magnus Sullivan. He says both the sexes should give a try to gadgets. It would help build a person’s understanding of themselves and be a better lover.

Things You Need to Know for Trying out Sex Toys

Sex toys help you to become a better lover. Using toys, you would learn your whole body in a better way with great patience and skill, it would help you to prevent immediate upliftment to penis centric masturbation. This would allow you to appreciate your woman’s beauty and you will learn to relax …