Dildos: What size do you prefer for all holes?

When it comes to finding a suitable sex toy, women consider plenty of factors. What does it do, how does it look, will it get me where I need to go, etc., are just some of the questions they ask themselves.

However, perhaps the most crucial question is that of size. Now, we know that most women have been telling men for ages that size really doesn’t matter. And, although they weren’t exactly lying, they weren’t that truthful either. 

When it comes to the size of a toy, women, love big dildos. At least that’s what the majority of them say. Huge dildos and thick dildos are among bestsellers, along with realistic dildos that resemble monster dongs. But why is that? Do women simply love being stuffed? If so, are huge butt plugs also among fan-favorites? 

More importantly, does womens’ love of large dildos mean that men of average size